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4 Engine

Ensure a complete and proper flush with an installed system to flush one outboard engine. After a single hose connection, and one press of a button, the system will flush and shuts off when complete. Upgrade your maintenance with the Automatic Outboard Flushing System.

Designed for outboard engines. Not compatible for I/O engines.
Service Mode enables manual control.
Fitting Kit is recommended and sold separately.

It can be installed at the OEM level or as a retrofit. Mounted on the bulkhead or transom locker, the system is permanently plumbed to each engine through the engine’s wiring loom. The system features the hose connection and start button on the unit itself. Sold seprately are the deck hose connection and a waterproof start button that can be installed remotely near the transom and/or console. Minimizing the reach is a big added convenience.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 12V
U.S. Patent No. 9,517,495

Automatic Outboard Flushing System FAQs

What do I need to buy to install the system?

We recommend purchasing the system with the matching fitting kit. Many customers and boatbuilders choose to purchase the inlet hose kit, quick deck connection, remote switch with harness, and mounting kit. These items complete the system for better flushing experience–you can then connect the freshwater hose from the deck and start the system from the same place or at the console.

Can the system be mounted in any direction?

Yes. The system will function when mounted in any direction, on a flat surface.

Does the system contain a pump?

No. The system uses the water pressure coming from the freshwater hose to flush the outboards.

The system does not switch over to the next engine. What do I do?

The system may be in Service Mode. To exit Service Mode, hold down the LED button for 5 seconds until it flashes red. You can then proceed to operate the system normally.

Does the system come supplied with hoses?

No. The hoses and the fittings to connect to the outboard vary in length, size, and connection with every vessel. Therefore these are parts are installer-provided.

Can I use the water tanks I have onboard to feed the flushing cycles?

Most vessels do not have enough water onboard to flush each and every engine. For instance, when flushing 7.5 minutes for triple Yamahas, the system will need enough water supply to run approximately 23 minutes.

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