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24V DC
Flow Rate:
1-3 GPM

Portable fast lube oil change system (FLOCS) designed for the convenience of quick maintenance and easy to carry between service areas. Base will fit on the lid of a 5-gallon bucket. Bucket with lid is not included.

Powerful gear pump will transfer oil quickly and cleanly, while the reversing feature allows clean oil to be pumped back into the engine with the flick of a switch.

Medium duty motor ideal for technicians and fleet maintenance that tend to use the pump more often than owners of recreational boats, etc.

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate: 2.1 GPM / 7.9 LPM
Voltage: 12V
Hose: 2 ft (bucket side) and 4 ft
Power Cord: 6 ft with red and black battery clips
Base: Marine grade starboard - black

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