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12V DC
Flow Rate:
1-3 GPM

The GP-301PY Quick Lube Kit contains all the fittings required to drain and fill gear lube, motor oil, and antifreeze on Yamaha 425 XTO outboard engines while the boat is in the water, as well as other outboard and inboard engines.

Also included are 1/2” flare and garden hose-style fittings that allow draining and refilling of motor oil on virtually all outboards and inboard engines from small 2hp to turbodiesels, and everything in between. These fittings also allow the system to be used to drain and refill antifreeze for engines with closed cooling systems. The 12V power clips allow use while the boat is in the water.

Unlike other systems that can only drain fluids, the GP-301PY utilizes an industrial-grade, reversible, gear pump to quickly drain and then refill fluids. The secure fittings ensure no-spill fill and drain connections while the system’s hose design ensures no drips in the bilge or on the deck while it is being transported.

Includes Suction Hose Kits for Different Engine Models:
Yamaha 425hp XTO Fitting Kit - Connects directly to vent and lube quick connections.
Dip Tube - Flexible plastic that inserts into the engine’s dip tube.
Garden Hose Fitting - Connects the suction hose to the engine’s dipstick

Includes Wand for suction hose - inserts directly to the old or new fluid container.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 12V
Base: Marine grade starboard - black
Plastic dip tube: 1/2" Male Flare with 5/16" outer diameter nylon dip tube - 2.5 ft. long


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