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Fluid Type:
24V DC
Flow Rate:
1-3 GPM
Pump Type:
Fluid Type:

Low flow, self-priming, electric pump with helical bronze gears for transferring lubricating oils and viscous liquids. Flow direction is reversible. Nickel-plated brass body and stainless steel shaft. Designed for in intermittent usage. Main applications: draining engine sumps and lubricating engines.

Technical Specifications

Compatible Fluids:
Fresh water (max 85°F)
Engine oil and non-corosive viscous liquids (max viscosity 350 cSt)
Diesel fuel (min. flashpoint 131°F)
Flow Rate: 0.9 GPM / 3.4 LPM
Voltage: 24V
Inlet/Outlet: 3/8" Male NPT
Self-priming: 5 ft / 1.5m (wet gears)
Amperage Draw: 2.3-2.7A / 12V, 1.4-1.4A / 24V
Maximum Work Pressure: 22 psi / 1.5 bar
Maximum Work Temperature: 140°F / 60°C
Pump: White

Pumps FAQs

Can the pump be mounted in any orientation?

The pumps will work when mounted on any flat, vertical or horizontal surface. Keep in mind it is good practice not to mount the pump with the pump head above the motor on a vertical surface–to avoid potentially allowing fluid into the electrical workings of the pump.

Do I need to prime the pump before use?

You may have to prime the pump initially. After that they do not need to be primed for subsequent use. In most cases where the pump has problems with prime, the pump has been unused for a long period and must be re-primed. Also, check for any possible air leaks on the suction hose.

Will the pump handle debris coming from the oil pan or the fuel tank?

All pumps will handle any organic contaminants usually found in fuel and oil tanks. If you are concerned about bigger particles (e.g. sand, metal shavings) you should consider installing an in-line stainless steel strainer before the pump.

Why does the pump not turn on?

The following are the most common reasons:
Check the power source is supplying enough power.
Check the breaker/fuse.

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