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12V DC
Flow Rate:
1-3 GPM
Number of Engines and Generator:
6+ Valve
Distance To Engine and Generator:
0-8 ft

An installed fast lube oil change system (FLOCS) with 6 valves. Simplify oil changes for your engine, generator or transmission. Reduce the risk of spills with this central service point which can drain used oil and fill back new oil with a reversible gear pump.

Max. Hose Length from Engine to System: 8 ft / 2.4m
Max. Hose Length from System to Container: 5 ft / 1.5m

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM / 5.5 LPM
Voltage: 12V
Pump Ports: 1/2" Male Flare
Manifold Ports: 1/2" Female NPT
Self-priming: 5 ft / 1.5m (wet gears)
Base: Marine grade starboard - white
Cover: High-impact plastic

Oil Change Systems FAQs

Why does the pump movie oil in one direction but not the other?

The following are the most common reasons:

Check the lines for any loose fittings, air leaks, or closed valves.

Check that only one valve on the system’s manifold is open.

Why does the system not turn on?

The following are the most common reasons:

Check the power source is supplying enough power.

Check the breaker/fuse.

Connect power directly to the pump (bypass the e-box). If motor does not turn, then it needs to be replaced.

Do I have to worry about cross-contamination of my engine and transmission oil?

When draining the used oil, it will flush remnants of the previous fluid in the lines. Then, you can fill with the new fluid. For this reason, we recommend always draining used oil, filling new oil, and draining used transmission fluid, then fill new transmission fluid.
An alternative option is to use a second system or pump for the transmission fluid only.

How can I connect to the oil pan?

You can try EZ Oil Drain Valve or Fumoto. Both have valves and more importantly the sizes of the ports on all engines. If you will not be needing a valve then you just need the fitting size, which is the inner diameter of oil drain port / outer diameter of plug, thread, and pitch #s. You can then install hose and connections to the valve on the oil change system which is 1/2” female NPT.

How do I choose an Oil Change System for my boat?

The difference between the Oil Change Systems are mainly the size of the motor. Larger motors can pull and push oil farther because they are stronger. See the specs for each model and its allowable hose lengths to select the best system for your boat. We recommend sizing up for a stronger motor when the ambient temperature is cooler and cold oil is hard to move. We also recommend a larger system for commercial vessels.

What size hose should I use to connect my oil change system?

We recommend a minimum of 1/2" I.D. hose or piping for all runs under 10 feet, and 5/8" ID or larger for longer runs. Use only high-quality Type-A petroleum resistant hose.

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