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FP-321-L-24-22 - Marine Version V2.1

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24V DC
Flow Rate:
4-5 GPM
Fuel Flow Direction:
Left to Right

The FP-321 Series Version 2.1 makes priming the fuel system of a diesel engine easier, faster, and safer than manually priming during routine filter changes. It pumps fuel into the lines to purge trapped air in the main feed line, primary filters, secondary filters, and engine. The bypass protects the system from pressurizing beyond the preset.

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate: 4 GPM / 15 LPM
Voltage: 24V
Inlet/Outlet: 1-1/16" x 12 UNF (straight o-ring boss)
Flow Direction: Left to right
Fuse (installer supplied): 15A
Maximum Amperage Draw: 8A / 12V, 4A / 24V
Base: Marine grade starboard
Preset: 22 psi
Color: White for marine applications.

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