Fuel Polishing Module

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Fuel Polishing Module

Reverso Do-It-Yourself Fuel Polishing

The only true Fuel Polishing Module available for the Do-It-Yourself market. Just add the suction-side or pressure-side filter of your choice.
Easy to install module consists of a pump, visual/audio alarm and digital timer, and is capable of cleaning a 150 gallon tank in 1 hour.

Works with most standard filters and compatible with middle-distillate fuels and fuel oils (not gasoline).

For initial cleaning, we recommend you turn the fuel 3 times. Once in maintenance mode, you can perform this cleaning once a week. Continuous use is not required.

Recommended Run Cycle = Volume of the Tank x 3
                                                        Flow Rate

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What Reverso Offers

Most Others

Fully operational Fuel Polishing Kit for Do-It-Yourself ease         
Cleans a 150 gallon tank in one (1) hour
Requires two (2) days
Integrated shut-down switch
Audio / Visual alarms
Digital Timer
Can polish 3,744 gallons per day
Can polish only 50 gallons a day
Available in DC 12V and 24V
Compatible with diesel, biodiesel and kerosene
Can be used as a circulation system
Compact size

  • Adaptable with any suction-side or pressure-side filter (not included)
  • Compatible with diesel, biodiesel, and kerosene
  • Water resistant enclosure
  • Available in 12 and 24 volts
  • Heavy duty gear pump (150 GPH)
  • Digital timer to program weekly schedule
  • Audio and visual alarm
  • Automatic shut-off switch
  • Water resistant aluminum enclosure
  • Filter not included
  • Can be installed on the inlet or outlet side of the filter
  • Flow Rate: 2.6 GPM / 10 LPM
  • DC 12V or 24V
  • Ports: 1/2" Hose Barb
  • Self-priming: 5 ft / 1.5m (wet gears)
  • Max Work Pressure: 50 psi / 3.5 bar
  • Max Work Temperature: 140F / 60C
  • Maximum suction lift 5 ft
  • Total discharge head not to exceed 30 ft
  • Width 12” x Height 8.7” x Depth 4.4”
No Options
No Spare Parts

12V (19-3697) $1286.49
24V (19-3698) $1286.49


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