UltraGuard+ Fuel Additive

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UltraGuard+ Fuel Additive
UltraGuard™+ fuel additive keeps fuel stable for an extended storage period and is a unique multifunctional diesel additive that improves combustion and reduces emissions. More complete combustion results in emission reductions and increased fuel efficiency. It is designed to improve the overall performance of diesel equipment. Also, the demulisifiers keep fuel free of water and corrosion inhibitors protect the storage system and equipment.

One important benefit of UltraGuard™+, especially with ULSD, is that the additive package produces an environment hostile to microbe growth and will not allow microbes to gain a foothold in storage tanks.

Half Gallon Bottle Treats 5,000 Gallons of Diesel Fuel

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  • Stabilizers keep fuel stable for extended storage periods
  • Demulsifier keeps fuel free of water
  • Corrosion inhibitors protect storage systems & equipment
  • Combustion catalyst improves combustion efficiency
  • Reduces emissions, smoke and exhaust particulate
  • Prevents injector deposits
  • Cleans and lubricates all fuel wetted surfaces
  • Treat stored fuel with UltraGuard™+ when using a Reverso fuel polishing system to enhance the cleaning process. Together, the two will provide maximum efficiency to improve the quality of degraded fuel.
  • 1 oz treats 80 gallons
  • 16 oz (one pint) treats 1,280 gallons
  • 64 oz (half gallon) treats 5,120 gallons
  • 128 oz (one gallon) treats 10,240 gallons
  • 640 oz (5 gallons) treats 51,200 gallons

Available In:

  • 64 oz (half gallon)
  • 640oz (5 gallons)
No Spare Parts

8 oz (84-3775) $47.74
64 oz (half gallon) (84-3777) $222.79
640 oz (5 gallons) (84-3779) $1235.95


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