Long-term Diesel Fuel Storage is Your Achilles Heel


Why you need a Fuel Management Plan

Your job is look after the back-up generators. Your generator must start - so you perform monthly/quarterly maintenance to ensure performance. Therefore, you can guarantee that the generator WILL start when needed.

However, most generators’ fuel is from the original installation and diesel fuel begins to degrade at three months. And new fuel can also be contaminated when the fuel is refreshed.

But you’ve got a fuel filter to take care of that old, dirty, or bad fuel. Problem solved, right?

! A clogged filter or mechanical failure will shut the engine down – sometimes within an hour or two of start-up (depending on how old, how humid or where the fuel was stored).

By utilizing built-in Fuel Polishing or the portable Diesel Fuel Service Cart (DFS), you take this failure point from a critical emergency at the worst possible time to part of your quarterly/yearly maintenance program.

Other benefits of the Fuel Polishing and the DFS include: longer filter/element life, minimized maintenance costs, cost-effective purchasing timelines and reduced probability of engine shut-down.

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