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Customer Appreciates Superior Service

- Thursday, January 06, 2011
"I just want to take a minute to pay a complement to your customer service department.  Mike at your facility was extremely helpful in choosing the proper pump for my application.  As I mentioned to Mike, I have a Reverso oil change system on my 2007 55 Fleming.  Prior to using it I thought it was just a gimmick.  However, after using it I realized it was a necessity."

Thank you,
William Guertler
Municipal Maintenance Company

Customer Appreciates Superior Service

- Monday, December 06, 2010
"I got the stainless keyway yesterday, Put the pump back together and had the car back running last night. I just wanted to say thanks! Most guys would have just told me to send the part in, and they would rebuild it, etc,etc.

You took a few minutes, explained how to take it apart, what to look for, etc. Then to top it off, you overnight the part to me!!!

Definitely above and beyond what I've been experiencing from most company's tech/customer service. Once again just wanted to say thanks!"

David Deramus

Customer Sees the Benefits of Fuel Polishing

- Tuesday, September 28, 2010
"My name is Matt Haley and I am a vendor of Reverso.  When John [Napurano] was at my facility discussing his products with us I told him my 'water in fuel' light constantly went on in my F250 diesel truck.  I would drain the water out and had the filter changed.  He explained that the automotive filters are substandard and some water will sit in my tank.  John said bring it by and we will scrub your tank. 

I came by the next day and I have not had a warning light come on in the past eight months!  Thanks to everyone at Reverso. "

Matt Haley

Advanced Technical Sales, Inc.

Thanks Matt!

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