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Top Reverso Products from IBEX 2016

Tiffany T. - Thursday, October 13, 2016
top product header

At the show, we presented a wide variety of products that make engine maintenance easier. These are our top 3 products that attendees favored the most.

flushing system image
  Automatic Outboard Flushing System

Flush all outboard motors on a timer. After the single hose connection, press  start, and the system delivers freshwater to each outboard motor–one at a time. More info.
impeller pump image   OP-7 Oil Change Pump

Drain and fill with a lightweight and fast 7 gallon per minute impeller pump. More info.
oil change system image   Oil Change System

Make oil changes cleaner, faster, and easier for the engine, transmission, and generator. Drain oil and fill new oil with the same reversible pump. More info.

Defender's Annapolis Boat Show Sale

Tiffany T. - Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Take advantage of the Annapolis Boat Show Sale at Defender's online store. Oil change systems, fuel polishing systems and transfer pumps are discounted just in time for winterizing your boat. Clicking the products below will direct you to Defender's website.

VA-2 for Oil
Valve manifold for use with oil only. Version with 3 valves also available here.
OP-6 impeller pump photo OP-6FV
Reverso's best-selling oil change pump. Reversible flow makes it easy to drain and fill oil. The FV version is also suitable for transferring diesel fuel.
GP-311BKT-01 photo GP-311BKT-01
This portable oil change system easily sits on top of a 5-gallon bucket (not included) to contain the used oil. Reduce your chances for a mess.
GP-3013 photo GP-3013
A light-duty, wall mount system makes it easy to service your engine, transmission and generator quickly and cleanly with the 3-valve configuration.
GP-3025 photo GP-3025
A medium-duty, wall mount system makes it easy to service your 2 engines, 2 transmissions and generator quickly and cleanly with the 5-valve configuration.
FPS150S26 photo FPS-150
150 gallon per hour fuel polishing system ideal for cleaning up to 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
Sales ends 8AM on October 20, 2014.


Throwback Thursday: OP-4 vs. OP-6 Impeller Pump

Tiffany T. - Thursday, June 05, 2014
Reverso OP-4 and OP-6 impeller pump

Throwback Thursday has us time traveling. The oil change pump OP-4 (left) was replaced by the updated version OP-6 (right) several years back. The redesign featured more streamlined, improved switchguard and breaker on the end of the motor. The pump maintained the same convenient internal and external threaded ports and quick flow rate of 3 gallons per minute. As Reverso's best-selling oil change pump in the marine industry, we still receive calls to this day from boat owners that continue using their OP-4 to maintain their engine oil. Here are common questions we get asked:

Are there spare parts available for the OP-4?
Today's impellers (360010 and 360014) are compatible, however the new cover gasket does not fit to OP-4. The cover gasket is no longer available for the OP-4.

I'd rather not buy a new pump. What can I do since the motor on the OP-4 still works fine?
Reverso offers the OP-6 pump head assembly as a replacement part and can retrofit to the OP-4 motor. The simple procedure only involves 2 screws for replacement. The updated pump head will then allow you to purchase the repair kits and rebuild kits currently sold.

Watch Reverso's YouTube video for detailed spare part replacements.

Click here to see available spare parts for the OP-6 oil change pump.

Customer question regarding OP-6

- Thursday, February 10, 2011
Q: I have purchased OP-6 12V oil change pump for my Perkins 4-107. Do I have to install a shut off valve between the hose from my oil pan to the OP-6 pump? The OP-6 pump is mounted on the forward bulkhead just in front of the engne. The OP-6 is level with the top of the enigine. My concern is bleed pass the impeller.

A: For the integrity of the oil system it is always wise to install a shut-off valve at the oil pan of the equipment. This insures that in the event of a failure in the hose or oil pump that the engine does not loose oil and fail.

Also, the pump would work better if you can mount it a little lower on the bulkhead. Your impeller will not have to work as hard to lift the oil and priming will be quicker.

Customer question regarding cross-contamination

- Monday, November 08, 2010
Question - "I have just purchased a new boat and have requested to install a REVERSO pump system for the main engine, generator and transmission. The boat builder representative is telling me he can only install it for the engine and the generator, the reason being given to me is the possibility of engine oil and transmission oil contamination. I am a bit skeptical on his contamination concern. Could you help me on that issue please?"

Answer - Your representative could be right. On some of the newer vessels the transmission requires a more refined oil than that of the engine or generator. With our GP-3013, a 3 valve oil change system, there is the possibility of cross-contamination. If your transmission requires the more refined oil, and it is contaminated with engine oil, it could cause damage to the transmission. Typically, we have seen these new transmissions on the new, high performance vessels.

We would suggest that you confirm the oil requirements of your transmission. If it requires, for example, a 30W, like the engine, then you should have no problem using a 3-valve system with no worry of cross-contamination.   If you find that you need a different oil for the transmission, you can use our GP-3012, a 2-valve oil change system, for your engine and generator.  Then use our GP-311 or OP-6, reversible pump, solely for the transmission.

You can find the products mentioned above by clicking on the product names below:


Product of the Week: OP-6 Impeller Pump $173

- Monday, September 27, 2010

Introduces our newest feature...


This week's item: OP-6 Impeller Pump

The popular OP-6 is unique. It's reversible - transferring hot or cold liquid quickly and cleanly. It can handle higher viscosity liquids and is ideal for oil, diesel or water. And it's proven to be stronger than the competition - lasting years through real-world conditions.

Each week, we will highlight 1-5 items in our Product of the Week Catalog - all at special prices. Check back every Monday to see if your favorite product is featured.

Upcoming items will include:

Gear Pump 312 Series 12V/24V with Reversing Switch
Fuel Polishing System - 80 GPH Series
Diesel Transfer Pumps


Congratulations winners!

- Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Congratulations to our Ugly Pump Contest Winners!

Ken, Chuck, Gerry and Alex all received a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate for participating.

They also received a 30% discount code for a future Reverso Pumps purchase.

Make sure to check in regularly for more contests.

Congrats again gentlemen!

More Ugly Pumps!

- Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Another example of an ugly pump! Thanks Chuck for the pictures!

The contest is still going!! So send a picture of your installed pump to and you will receive a code for 30% off a new pump.

Pump on a FDNY Fireboat

- Monday, July 19, 2010
Here is another entry for our Ugly Pump Contest.

Remember, send a picture of your installed pump to and you will receive a code for 30% off a new pump.

Thanks to Ken.
They use the reverse Fuel priming pumps on the new FDNY Fireboat.

Ugly Pump Entries

- Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Here are a few of the entries we have received so far for our Ugly Pump Contest. Remember, send a picture of your installed pump to and you will receive a code for 30% off a new pump.

Thanks to Gerry.
He said, "this pump is used to transfer and polish diesel fuel and is 10 years old. He's replaced the impeller a few times but it runs for hours on end with no problem."
Great to hear Gerry! Thanks!

Thanks to Alex.

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