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Top Reverso Products from IBEX 2016

Tiffany T. - Thursday, October 13, 2016
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At the show, we presented a wide variety of products that make engine maintenance easier. These are our top 3 products that attendees favored the most.

flushing system image
  Automatic Outboard Flushing System

Flush all outboard motors on a timer. After the single hose connection, press  start, and the system delivers freshwater to each outboard motor–one at a time. More info.
impeller pump image   OP-7 Oil Change Pump

Drain and fill with a lightweight and fast 7 gallon per minute impeller pump. More info.
oil change system image   Oil Change System

Make oil changes cleaner, faster, and easier for the engine, transmission, and generator. Drain oil and fill new oil with the same reversible pump. More info.

Solutions for Priming a Fuel System

Tiffany T. - Monday, March 14, 2016
Author: Jessica Fernandes

Reverso FP-311 fuel primer and oil change system on boat

Because of it's fluid state (yes, pun intended!), it is imperative to filter diesel fuel before it enters the engine on any diesel fuel driven application. Understanding the impacts of fuel that is not properly filtered before it enters the engine is critical to ensuring reliable functionality of an engine and to preventing large, costly repairs.

Preventative maintenance plans are created to ensure filters are clean so they function properly to filter fuel. Why is it, then, that fuel gets poured (albeit a small amount) onto the brand new, clean filters allowing dirty fuel to enter the fuel system after the filtration step as a method of priming the fuel system?

We have an easy solution for you who are responsible for engine reliability, a fuel priming system! A fuel priming system can be used in portable or permanently installed applications. The priming system is used to pump fuel from the tank into the fuel system, allowing the fuel to flow through the filtration system as intended. This system also purges air from the fuel lines ensuring proper functionality and preventing damage to the engine.

To take it one step further, add a pre-engine in-line filtration system, boosting the existing filtration system to ensure removal of water and sludge to a level of 2 microns, thus extending the life of your on-engine filtration system and ultimately protecting the engine.
For more information on these solutions, please contact Reverso Pumps at or

Original article from: LinkedIn

Defender's Annapolis Boat Show Sale

Tiffany T. - Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Take advantage of the Annapolis Boat Show Sale at Defender's online store. Oil change systems, fuel polishing systems and transfer pumps are discounted just in time for winterizing your boat. Clicking the products below will direct you to Defender's website.

VA-2 for Oil
Valve manifold for use with oil only. Version with 3 valves also available here.
OP-6 impeller pump photo OP-6FV
Reverso's best-selling oil change pump. Reversible flow makes it easy to drain and fill oil. The FV version is also suitable for transferring diesel fuel.
GP-311BKT-01 photo GP-311BKT-01
This portable oil change system easily sits on top of a 5-gallon bucket (not included) to contain the used oil. Reduce your chances for a mess.
GP-3013 photo GP-3013
A light-duty, wall mount system makes it easy to service your engine, transmission and generator quickly and cleanly with the 3-valve configuration.
GP-3025 photo GP-3025
A medium-duty, wall mount system makes it easy to service your 2 engines, 2 transmissions and generator quickly and cleanly with the 5-valve configuration.
FPS150S26 photo FPS-150
150 gallon per hour fuel polishing system ideal for cleaning up to 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
Sales ends 8AM on October 20, 2014.


Push to Prime - PassageMaker

Tiffany T. - Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Separ Filter's hand priming pump is featured in the Gear Products section of Jul/Aug issue of PassageMaker magazine. Purchase here from Reverso.
Separ Filter Hand Priming Pump The priming lever on most mechanical lift pumps is often very small, sometimes hard to reach and occasionally won't work if the engine's cam is compressing the pump's spring. However, an external priming pump has none of these disadvantages. Some Caterpillar engines are equipped with high-volume plunger pumps that work extremely well, but they are the exception. Reverso, a manufacturer of a variety of marine products including fuel polishing and oil change systems, offers a manual priming pump that's up to the task. The plunger-type device pumps .85 ounces per stroke, and it's equipped with a large red locking collar to secure it when not in use. Working pressure is up to 100psi. Fuel passes through the pump unhindered during normal engine operation, and the pump is certified for use with up to 100 percent biodiesel. It's available in either half-inch female threaded or JIC flare fittings for $85 or $115 respectively. Visit

D'Antonio, Steve. "Push to Prime." PassageMaker. Jul. 2014: 36. Print.


Spring Savings

Tiffany T. - Thursday, April 11, 2013


Fall Sale - On the Products You Really Need

- Thursday, November 01, 2012

Stop by our Sale page this month for outstanding deals on some of our best-selling items. Hurry - these prices are for a limited-time only.


Gear Pump 311 AC - Light Duty is a self-priming gear pump that can be used for diesel, oil, and water.

120V, 60 Hz with Reversing Switch (28-3399)    List Price $580    Sale Price $295
120V, 60 Hz with On/Off Switch (28-3401)          List Price $580    Sale Price $295 


Gear Pump 312 - Medium Duty is a self-priming gear pump for oil, diesel or water with a reversing switch.

12V with Reversing Switch (30-2239)    List Price $579    Sale Price $289

24V with Reversing Switch (30-2240)    List Price $579    Sale Price $289


Oil Change 3010 - Light Duty fast lube oil change system with a gear pump. One of our TOP selling versions on sale!!

12V with 3 Valves (42-2343)    List Price $675    Sale Price $337.50
24V with 3 Valves (42-2353)    List Price $675    Sale Price $337.50

Oil Change 700 - Heavy Duty fast lube oil change system 700 Series with gear pump.

24V with 5 Valves (44-2409)    List Price $1529    Sale Price $764.50


Exclusive Sale on Innovative PIUSIBOX Pro

- Wednesday, April 06, 2011

As a Master Distributor for Piusi, we are proud to offer this Exclusive, one-time only sale on the versatile PIUSIBOX.

You Need this box! Why?

Fuel Transfer is always an issue that needs to be safe, efficient and clean so as to minimize any potential environmental mishap.

The PIUSIBOX Diesel Transfer Pump is the all-in-one, on-the-go diesel transfer pump solution. Incorporating the new Piusi BP3000 diesel transfer pump, the PIUSIBOX comes in its own sturdy storage box making it convenient to store and handle. The storage box keeps everything together and prevents accidental spillages. It also helps protect the transfer pump and components from damage.

This handy kit includes a 12V DC powered diesel pump (24V also available), delivery/suction hose, locking foot valve to prevent leakage and a manual nozzle. The easily transportable container is designed to protect the components from dust, sand and dirt, thus preventing contamination of fuel. The horizontal-split container makes the PIUSIBOX an eco-friendly drip-catcher - protecting the environment by containing residue and drips. And periodic cleaning is easy and simple.

The PIUSIBOX can be used by:
  • Operators of commercial vehicles
  • Search and Rescue / Road Side Assistance Crews
  • Construction Teams
  • Road Paving Crews
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Boat Owners
  • Farmers filling tractors from barrels or cisterns
  • Military Applications
  • Heating Oil Transfer

This price is good until April 15th.
Act now to order your PIUSIBOX Pro
(Offer excludes Online Free Shipping promotion and Discount Codes)


Congratulations winners!

- Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Congratulations to our Ugly Pump Contest Winners!

Ken, Chuck, Gerry and Alex all received a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate for participating.

They also received a 30% discount code for a future Reverso Pumps purchase.

Make sure to check in regularly for more contests.

Congrats again gentlemen!

Fuel Management Plan

- Monday, September 20, 2010
Check out our NEW Fuel Education Center! Learn everything you ever wanted to know about long-term storage of diesel fuel, setting up a Fuel Management Plan and the necessity and benefits of Fuel Polishing.

If you have additional questions or you feel we need to add something else to the site - let me know (
We will be constantly updating and refining the material available to keep you as up-to-date as possible.

Reverso Pumps / Separ Filter - We Know Diesel Fuel

More Ugly Pumps!

- Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Another example of an ugly pump! Thanks Chuck for the pictures!

The contest is still going!! So send a picture of your installed pump to and you will receive a code for 30% off a new pump.

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