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Question from customer regarding Separ Filters

- Monday, October 04, 2010
We received a great question from a customer the other day and I know that many of you have asked similar ones in the past. Here's the Q&A. And don't forget to check out our FAQ section regularly. We are always adding more information.

Question:  I have installed four Separ Filters on two haulers and two loaders. The filters get stuck very easily and fast. We even have to take off the valve in order to liberate the bowl. Should we clean the filter more often?

Answer: If the filter is equipped with a vacuum gauge you can monitor it and do a back flush at about 8-10 inches of vacuum. This will extend the life of the filter. There are two other options that you may want to consider as well.

1. Clean the fuel with a portable fuel polishing/dispensing cart when the equipment is fueled.  Click here for more info.

2. Install a second filter as a strainer with a 60 micron cleanable stainless steel element in from of the primary filter. This will have no effect on the restriction to flow and will remove much of the heavy dirt and water before it get to the primary 30 micron element, as seen on this John Deere combine.

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