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Oil Change question - GP-311P

- Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Q: Is the GP-311P suitable to use on diesels that has about 80 liters of oil to change? Do you recomend running the engine before pumping oil out using the GP-311P?

A: The GP-311P is a very capable pump and would easily drain 80 liters of oil from the engine. The engine should be run until the oil temperature reaches about 110 to 120'f (43-48'c) as a matter of practice. This does two things.

First it circulates the oil and causes the dirt in the bottom of the sump to go into suspension. This allows the dirt to be removed and not left behind.

Second it makes the oil flow much easier and will drain quicker.

The pump is capable of 3.5 gpm (13 lpm) and won't take long to drain. The cold oil going back in will take a little longer but will do the job.

Keep in mind that the 13 lpm rating is providing that the oil is being drawn through the large hose that comes with the unit. If you intend to use the dip stick wand, it will be reduced to less than half the flow and will take much longer.

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