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Great Customer Question Regarding Elements

- Tuesday, October 19, 2010
How long will the element last? How often should I replace the element?

How dirty is your fuel? Unfortunately, there is not single answer this question.

The time it takes before the filter element reaches max dirt load can vary from 10 minutes to 300 hours.  It is completely dependent on the dirt load and type of contamination in the tanks.

Often we find masses of solids settle in the bottom of tanks, and these can clog elements, quickly.  It is for this reason that we have the 60 micron Stainless Steel element.  This can simply be backflushed, a procedure detailed in the operating manual, and available in Product Literature.

When clogged, the stainless steel element can be removed, and cleaned for reuse. When using our standard 10 or 30 micron paper elements the number of times it can be backflushed, depends on the type (sticky or not) of dirt lodged in the element.

In some installations in the U.S., where the fuel is like water, we have customers that replace the filter element only once per year in a permanent installation.

For mobile tank cleaning where the tank is dirty to begin with, we recommend the use of the 60 micron Stainless Steel element. This can be removed and cleaned many, many times. It is best to have two stainless steel elements, so that the machine can continue to work during the element cleaning process.

Once the 60 micron filter comes out clean, then you can switch to the 30 micron paper element and continue the process. This will prevent the expenditure of a large number of paper elements.

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