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Fuel Polishing question - Which element should I use?

- Monday, May 02, 2011
Q: Which element should I use for relatively clean (maintained) fuel. The stainless steel filter units last a long time, therefore, wouldn't it be practical to use this rather than keeping a stock of paper filters?

A: The Stainless Steel element is rated at 30 or 60 Micron and is designed for removal of large particulate in a very dirty tank to avoid wasting a large number of elements. Since your fuel is maintained (or of relatively clean quality), we recommend the paper elements.

If your tank was/is clean to begin with, and you are just removing the particulate, you would typically only use 2-3 elements per year. This option will extend the life of your fuel by at least 1-2 years and is much cheaper than replacing the fuel on an annual basis.

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