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Customer question regarding cross-contamination

- Monday, November 08, 2010
Question - "I have just purchased a new boat and have requested to install a REVERSO pump system for the main engine, generator and transmission. The boat builder representative is telling me he can only install it for the engine and the generator, the reason being given to me is the possibility of engine oil and transmission oil contamination. I am a bit skeptical on his contamination concern. Could you help me on that issue please?"

Answer - Your representative could be right. On some of the newer vessels the transmission requires a more refined oil than that of the engine or generator. With our GP-3013, a 3 valve oil change system, there is the possibility of cross-contamination. If your transmission requires the more refined oil, and it is contaminated with engine oil, it could cause damage to the transmission. Typically, we have seen these new transmissions on the new, high performance vessels.

We would suggest that you confirm the oil requirements of your transmission. If it requires, for example, a 30W, like the engine, then you should have no problem using a 3-valve system with no worry of cross-contamination.   If you find that you need a different oil for the transmission, you can use our GP-3012, a 2-valve oil change system, for your engine and generator.  Then use our GP-311 or OP-6, reversible pump, solely for the transmission.

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