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Customer question regarding OP-6

- Thursday, February 10, 2011
Q: I have purchased OP-6 12V oil change pump for my Perkins 4-107. Do I have to install a shut off valve between the hose from my oil pan to the OP-6 pump? The OP-6 pump is mounted on the forward bulkhead just in front of the engne. The OP-6 is level with the top of the enigine. My concern is bleed pass the impeller.

A: For the integrity of the oil system it is always wise to install a shut-off valve at the oil pan of the equipment. This insures that in the event of a failure in the hose or oil pump that the engine does not loose oil and fail.

Also, the pump would work better if you can mount it a little lower on the bulkhead. Your impeller will not have to work as hard to lift the oil and priming will be quicker.

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