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Pairing the Outboard Flushing System to Triple Verado Outboards

Tiffany T. - Friday, June 24, 2016
Installation by: FB Marine Group, formerly Fast Boats Marine Group

Flushing these Verado motors is quick and easy when the Outboard Flushing System simplifies the process.

system mounted on bulkhead

The Automatic Outboard Flushing System is mounted inside the hull compartment. The hoses beneath the unit run through the outboard's loom and connects to the motors flushing port.

Engines tilted up.

When it comes time to flush, the engines get tilted up and out of the water.

remote hose connection    remote start button

Instead of connecting the hose to the system, this boat has a remote hose connection on the bulkhead for an easier reach. Near the hose connection is the LED remote start button also installed on the bulkhead. It lights blue when the system has power and water pressure.

The Outboard Flushing System has a built-in timing and will switch to the next engine automatically, until the last engine has been flushed. The system eliminates the need to connect the hose to every engine. Once the last motor is flushed, the system shuts down.

Flushing Outboard Motors the Old Way Versus the New Way

Tiffany T. - Thursday, June 23, 2016

After boating, flush your outboard motors easier and much faster with the Reverso Automatic Outboard Flushing System. Flushing is required maintenance by outboard manufacturers, but it can be a chore. The Reverso system removes the hose hassle from the equation. Boaters won't have to connect the hose to every engine. Instead you can connect the hose to the Reverso system, press the button, and the system will cycle each engine automatically. Then it shuts itself off when the last engine has been flushed.

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